Wooded Acres Child Care

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Tour info:

Our tours are designed to be about 20 minutes long. We will show you our classroom and it's learning centers. We will discuss our curriculum, lesson plans and how they are designed. We will talk about the daily schedule, outdoor play, and company policies. This is the time you should ask questions. Come prepared with questions. If you decide on enrollment, this is the process:

  1. Complete the enrollment packet This includes an updated physical for your child (or one that's been completed within the last year) and immunizations up to date. You may receive the packet at enrollment if you wish. The annual registration fee is $50. Once you submit this (via check made out to Wooded Acres, no cash please) you will receive the enrollment packet. 
  2. 3. A deposit is required upon the return of your packet. Packets should be returned 2 to 3 weeks ahead of your planned enrollment date, but we can make it work if it is a shorter period of time. Deposit is equal to 2 weeks tuition. I.e. if tuition is 125 per week, your deposit will be 250. These deposits will be applied to your first week of school and your last week of school.  A two week notice is required when terminating from the program. The last weeks tuition will be covered by half of your initial deposit.

  3. 4. Tuition is due weekly on the first morning of attendance.  Tuition amount remains the same each week regardless of absences, holidays, snow days, emergency closures etc.  Each payment is applied to the FOLLOWING week of care. This means on the first day of school, a tuition payment will be due for the SECOND week of school. The first week of school is covered by half of your initial deposit.  The programs are closed for the entire July 4th week.  There is no tuition due for this weekk.